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Topics for this report:
What came across the border?
West Coast Military Movement / UN?
Venezuela Helo Incident
BOLO – Full-Scale Biological Exercise Starting tomorrow in Oregon!
San Diego part 1 and 2
West Coast Terror Target

What came across the border?

Last month we covered a border story that got things heated up with a source even though we didn’t really say anything directly. Well, now we have multiple sources confirming this information. So here’s the alleged story (truth or fiction you decide).

Per the MSM news. On March 27, Eric Leonardo Charron was driving over 130 mph on I-68 in West Virginia. He was pulled over by state police. Who said he “appeared to be confused and stressed, and made statements that were concerning.”

The MSM story continues to say the Charron was from Missouri, high on meth, up all night and threatening the president and to blow up the Pentagon. They claim bomb-sniffing dogs hit on the trunk. It was also widely reported that the FBI, Secret Service, and ATF assisted the state police. Finally, the interstate was shut down for almost 4 hours, and traffic was diverted an extraordinary distance from the incidence (16 Miles). It was also reported that Charron has voices in his head commanding him.

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Alternative Media such as Cory Groshek reported:

Alternative Media such as GodsAngell on Voat reported the following:

Why close 16 MILES of Interstate????? Even if a vehicle had explosives, they wouldn’t need to close 16 MILES… unless there is another component


My former intel colleagues now tell me the feds are bringing in “Apparatus from Hagerstown.” When I asked what type of “apparatus” Hagerstown might have that West Virginia does not have, they responded “What’s in Hagerstown? Fort Deitrich.”

WHOA! Fort Deitrich, MD, is the United States BIO-WEAPONS LAB…

“Hundreds” of fire trucks and ambulances were called-up in both West Virginia and Maryland and are being pre-positioned. There is no fire. And even if a vehicle with a bomb exploded, you don’t need HUNDREDS of fire trucks or ambulances. That area of West Virginia has pretty much no population.


Defango reported:

As previously stated we now have multiple inside sources providing intel. What we know at this point is that this was indeed was a “dirty” incident from material that came across the border.

Can this explain:

The media silence after the event?

The strange reports of the of his erratic behavior – was he suffering radiation poisoning?

The 16-mile closure and more…?

West Coast Military Movement / UN?

As reported by Jane Tande and others there was a very long train full of military vehicles in CA. These vehicles were painted green and many had the Red Cross mark on them. You may recall this episode on Marfoogle TV where Ripcurl explained it.

We have worked with various sources and have confirmed that the train did arrive in Oregon. We also confirmed the equipment, the M113 Personel Carrier was for the UN. Yes, that’s right UN vehicles!

BOLO – Full-Scale Biological Exercise Starting tomorrow in Oregon!

Operation OX
The following memo was sent to some Oregon state employees.

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Venezuela Helo Incident

As reported on Marfoogle TV and in this Sputnik article:
A Venezuelan helicopter went down near the border of Columbia killing one general and injuring another.

We have inside sources that are speculating this Helo was shot down by the US. This happened on the border (maybe across it) of Columbia. The helo did crash inside Venezuela.

San Diego

We were warned about an upcoming event in San Diego. Sources said it would likely be an arena, church, or crowded event in the coming days/weeks.

Was the synagogue event, the “event” we were warned about? We are not sure. It’s possible but the sources have not confirmed this leading us to believe it may not be the “event”. While we are on the subject of the San Diego shooter, as always there’s a tremendous amount of False Flag chatter in the alternative sources. Do your own research but there’s a lot of interesting questions out there.

West Coast Terror Targets

L.A. terror plot thwarted: Army vet planned ‘mass casualties,’ FBI says

Our sources have suggested that our government has DISRUPTED MULTIPLE potential terror attacks. As we get details we will reveal them.


  1. Something jumped out at me when I was reading the memo for the drill in Oregon. I don’t know if it’s standard procedure (I guess it could be – so please correct me if I’m wrong), but since when do tribal governments coordinate with state agencies for drills or anything else? I thought they are completely independent and hold themselves separate as a separate nation. At least I know that’s how it works for law enforcement, as well as civil issues.