Marfoogle Alerts Venezuela Coup


In addition to what the MSM is covering, our sources have warned us that US-backed Juan Guaidó is arresting police officer that do not switch sides.
Also, we are told the internet is about to go dark there.
Things are heating up. We will continue to monitor this closely.


  1. I only saw the last portion of the video on National news of military car driving over protesters- coverage only lasted about 20 seconds if that. I’m going over to Glenn Beck facebook and put a link there. He has been covering this since early this morning and one of the people that works with him has family still there so she has gotten some info as does another source inside the country that is keeping in touch with Glenn Beck. You would think the we in this country would see clearly how bad Socialism / Communism is and not be like Germany of WWII and elect our own possible dictator. Scary times and much prayer and crying out to God to foregive our country for falling away from Him. Also, tomorrow Glenn Beck TV is having an important program in the evening that will also be on The Blaze YT chan- very important viewing – will show how close we are to losing our country.