Marfoogle News Alerts May 8th, 2019

An F-14 jet fighter on an aircraft carrier deck beneath blue sky and clouds viewed from front

Topics covered in this Alert:

Are we about to go to War with Iran?

Iran moved short-range ballistic missiles by boat in waters off its shores, an American official said Tuesday (link). Some are speculating these missiles are being deployed along the shoreline (Strait of Hormuz).

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo makes a surprise trip to Iraq, after abruptly canceling his meeting in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel (link).

“Specific and credible” intelligence that suggested Iranian forces and proxies were targeting US forces in Syria, Iraq and at sea, led the Pentagon to recommend a carrier strike group be moved to the region (link) as well as nuclear capable B52 bombers (link).

Iranian Lawmaker Warns U.S. Aircraft Carrier Could “Definitely Be Drowned by Our Precision-Guided Missiles.” (link)

Iran threatens to block Strait of Hormuz as U.S. sanctions take effect (link). This could prevent shipping (oil and other supplies) from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Baharin, Qatar and UAE. These Gulf states have a strategic alliance with the U.S. against Iran.

Our sources confirmed (as did Netanyahu back in 2009), that Iran has nuclear capabilities. We have also been warned that this conflict is waiting on the “first strike” and both sides want the other to be the provocateur. It’s quite possible we could see a false flag on either side to ignite the kindling of this war.

Last week we also reported about the ever-growing sleeper cells in America. With an Iranian war on the brink, we need to exercise extreme caution in public places. Watch our video on the sleeper cells – even President Trump gave a warning about sleeper cells (thanks Snafu Snaps).

Combating RF radiation in your home!

Utility companies around the world are replacing analog meters (electric, gas, and water) new smart meters that use high powered pulsed RF radiation and have a direct risk to our health and safety.

RF radiation is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” (link) According to the World Health Organization, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms include dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances). WHO also says the symptoms are certainly real and can vary widely in their severity. Whatever its cause, EHS can be a disabling problem for the affected individual (link).

We have partnered with a young family out of Arizona who started a business helping people combat RFs after going through their own personal struggles with RFs – you probably heard Adam discuss them on the show. One of the most effective products they have produced is the Smart Meter Cover.

The protective covers are cost-effective, simple to install and best of all they eliminate 98% of the RF that is pulsed from your meter. Many Foogle Fam members have reported success. Even Dex has installed one and says it’s helped his wife with her symptoms.
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Space the new frontier or the next false flag?

Are we being programmed or desensitized in preparation for an Asteroid event and/or an Alien invasion? These topics have been ever-present in the mainstream over the past 2 weeks…

Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft dropped an explosive onto an asteroid discovering water (link). Asteroid experts met in Maryland, at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference. NASA and FEMA played out a fake asteroid collision scenario (link). NASA announced Apophis (Greek god of chaos) asteroid would buzz earth in 10 years, coming as close as their spaceships travel (link).

NASA officials also announced that an asteroid WOULD hit the Earth saying, “We have to make people understand this is not about Hollywood, it’s not about movies. This is about ultimately protecting the only planet we know, right now, to host life and that is the planet Earth.” (link)

On the alien front, Aliens are breeding with humans to survive climate apocalypse according to an Oxford professor (link). Life may have traveled to Earth from afar, aboard an interstellar visitor like the weird, cigar-shaped object ‘Oumuamua, researchers say (link). Microbes that surround us could actually be encoded with interstellar messages from some far-flung race of space aliens (link).

The US Navy Filed A Patent For A Super-Fast “Flying Saucer” Aircraft (link) and plans to document UFO sightings, but keep them confidential (link). Even Wall Street is getting into the alien craze launching a space industry based exchange-traded fund with the ticker symbol “UFO.” (link)

Is Project Blue Beam becoming a reality? Some say an asteroid event or supposed alien invasion will usher in a New Word Order. One thing for certain is the abnormally large amount of mainstream coverage on Asteroids, Aliens and UFOs.

Here’s what we do know from an inside high-level military source:
We were told the US military/government has already identified a major asteroid that will hit in the next 36 months. Multiple nations are collaborating with the US on neutralization and preparedness options. They know the impact zone and while it’s not the US, it is in a significant city and can affect millions of people. They are also expecting to see asteroid impacts both on Earth and the Moon increase by three times.

Venezuela Update

As tensions continue to rise between the US and Russia over Venezuela our inside sources have confirmed:

The USNS Comfort hospital ship is now docked in Columbia, and visible from the shores of Venezuela. The mainstream story is one of humanitarian support for refugees, but if war is about to break out in Venezuela that floating hospital will be serving much more!

Guaido’s last attempt at a coup failed and he is now turning to the US and asking for direct intervention (link).

Venezuelan military cargo planes (C-130s) recently moved Russian troops to Coro, Venezuela. The Russian troops are joining the Girardot battalion and nearby oil refineries. The troops are occupying at least the entire first floor of the Cumberland hotel near the Coro airport.

We also have reports of the Russian troops setting up radar installations. It was reported that Venezuela deployed the Russian S-300 missiles system back in March (link). Is it possible Putin is setting up the new S-500?