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Capture weird sun (maybe double sun) off coast of Australia webcam.


    • Sandi you are right. This video is multiple videos stitched together. Watch it again. 45 sec mark,Man bending over at end of path. 55 sec mark same man standing. At 57 sec mark an SUV appears then disappears. Next at 1:08 a person in a yellow top followed by a dog appears on the path walking to the beach then disappears before reaching the beach. Next at 1:57 a couple walking on the beach from right to left then they disappear and video ends. These seem to be deliberate trickery. The sun is shining off camera from the right, look at shadows. The sun you are seeing in the sky is a reflection off the water. When I lived in California I used to film the sun setting over the horizon then rising back up into the sky. Sometimes the reflection would double. If it wasn’t for the obvious video editing I would have said this was caught by accident.

    • This is something completely different from what is shown in the video. It is night and the sun rises from the opposite direction. So the sun is not low in the sky, but it is night. In the end, the sun only rises behind the camera.