1. Hey Marf I want to tell you and your crew thank you for having a Note Worthy Awesome news site that tells the people the honest truth about what really is going on out there in America and the world . I am a retired 61 year old U.S. Marine Corps Veteran living way back in the woods here in N.E. Wisconsin . I was raised with and live by Old Native American n Christian ways and prophecies . I live alone and feed and play with everything here from chipmunks to black bear . I tell a lot of people about your site and what is going on in todays world of mans destruction . Its a shame so many people are in denial about all of it . I have known of some of this stuff for over 40 years now and was hoping it would not be in my time . Well its really here and I am prepared to hang on for the ride the best I can . I am just about done with being prepared . My good save all of us because Mother Earth is FUBAR ! To all of you out there , Semper Fi ! OOO-RAH ! HEY YEAH ! Survival for the fittest .