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Marfoogle News has been temporarily prevented from Live streaming our regular show. Basically, the powers-that-be want to prevent our content from reaching the Foogle Family. We are actively working on solutions and workarounds to continue our live shows. As you know, we don’t usually ask for donations. Given these circumstances, we have no choice but to set up a PayPal account to help fund the operation and fight back against a system of censorship.

If you would like to support our channel, you can do so via or consider the products available from our affiliates:

EMP Shield Products

Listed by the Department of Homeland Security in their February 5th 2019 EMP Resilience Report
EMP Shield is the World’s first EMP protection technology for an entire home and vehicle tested to military standards.


Shield your browsing from criminals and surveillance!
With NordVPN, all the data you send and receive online travels through an encrypted tunnel. This way, no one can get their hands on your private information.

Earthing and Ground Therapy Products

Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is essential for vibrant health. Connecting to the Earth is easy and can be done outdoors by walking barefoot on the Earth’s natural surfaces or indoors with one of our Earthing products.

Smart Meter Covers

Located in Arizona, USA, Smart Meter Covers was started in 2018 to give people concerned about microwave RF emitted from smart meters, an economical solution to the problem.