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  1. Nice website! Great show on 7-9-19. Wanted to mention tidbit from Adapt 2030 (Diverse Ideas… about 15 min mark) video. Was filmed at LeakCon- information about 5g. Supposedly, the waves are thwarted by big trees, and rain, fog, mist…. wet leaves. Good to know here in Washington. David Dubine was talking about the UK and how they are removing large trees with armed police protection for the landscaping people…. In Bellevue, PSE wanted to remove the trees along 148th AVE by Bellevue Community College through to some substation- for a high capacity/voltage back up line system…. and maybe a few 5g towers too???? I noticed they are all along our freeways here… it would be nice if it could keep drivers calm and orderly. LOL!