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RedPill Rob
Facial recognition at shops like Walmart and others. | New gas station

The Walking Carpet Galactic Review
Sleeper cells | UFO experience
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more information about the cattle gates and facial recognition in stores
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People in MI need to watch the skies lots of military activity. Don’t worry about things it will work out in the end!

Military R&D background | how C-trails were started for mass inoculation for future outbreaks

WV Prepared Mind
Paris travel nightmare enters second day as hundreds of miles of traffic jams reported around French capital
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  1. Hi, Adam, et al, I am Sam Johnson living in Southeastern Mexico. Find myself listening to your show more and more. And I know, we all know, that something, a lot of things, are going to happen. We as Baha’is talk about the Old World Order, and, since the 19th Century, we have known that it cannot be repaired as it is “lamentably defective”. And we have our teachings for building a new world spiritual civilization which will com afterwards, well we’re working on it now, so that there will be a new house to move into when the old one collapses. We’re told not to dwell on the collapse too much, though it does and will affect us all. I was with you as you talked about eleven nine and I never believed the official story. For me the real one is on YouTube, “a stewardess sheds new light on…” .That one video to me has the most ring of truth of any of the versions. In 1971, my last year in the States, we were told that only those who have land will grow food. So we do, and have been harvesting corn/beans/squash for about the past 5 years. Anyway if I can be of any service, living here as I do, please let me know. My email: [email protected], or inbox on Facebook, Sam Johnson. I’m glad we don’t have all that smart technology, no smart much of anything here – so far. I prefer to keep a low profile, for reasons we all know about. One thing I would like to say is that in spite of the old order falling apart, there is a tremendous awakening and spiritual consciousness going on all over. I think it would be good to focus on that, like those people planting millions of trees, helping indigenous people everywhere, doing whatever they can to raise consciousness. In other words, focus on where it’s all going. Is this the best place to get hold of you? I don’t even know if you see my stuff, as I write long after the show is over. Anyway, best wishes.
    Sam Johnson
    Oaxaca, Mexico