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Strange lights


  1. I’m 51 yrs old. When I was in 3rd grade living in Lubbock TX I seen something like this. I was in my back yard and a beam of light was there. I remember putting my hand through it and I remember being kind of freaked out about it too.

  2. What she had was a combination of errors by the camera’s inability to compensate for the mixed lighting. The orbs/face was a reflection of a white or light colored dog on the lens that the camera couldn’t filter out. If you look close the orbs are red like the red eyes you get when the light reflects off of someone’s retinas and you can make out the snout and nose of a dog. The bright flash when she was filming the cat as she zoomed in on the cat and the camera’s white balance was trying to adjust for changes in light and shadow.. I do a lot of photography and occasionally see these when filming. I don’t believe these were intentional, just equipment errors.