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Authored by Dex James



President Trump addressed the nation today from the Grand Foyer of the White House. The president likely chose this location as is message was meant to put the nation at ease. Usually the Oval Office is used for serious announcements.

Trump said, “Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned.”

In his address President Trump said, “No American or Iraqi lives were lost,” from the missile attack launched by Iran. He credited our early warning defense system, saying they worked very well.

Trump’s rhetoric was strong. When addressing the killing of Iran’s General, Trump labeled Soleimani a Top Terrorist. Trump through a jab at Obama, claiming the weapons fired on our troops were paid for by funding from the previous administration. He also reiterated our oil independence saying, “we do not need Middle Eastern oil.”

Trump said he will be asking NATO to get more involved in Middle East, and insisted that the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and China get involved in a new Iran deal.

The President also declared US military might, but affirmed our hypersonic missile system are still “under construction.”

Before the address Trump tweeted, “All is well!” Helping put the nation and markets at ease.


  1. They’re not standing down. They said in an interview broadcasted last night, Tuesday Jan 7th, 2020, that they will retaliate, but the timing will be on their own terms.So obviously this address was to put the nation at ease which is a false sense of security being that Iran said they WILL retaliate against America. I believe they are waiting for everyone to get comfortable and forget that they are still planning an attack.

  2. What they “appear” to be doing and what they “ARE” doing may be two completely different topics. I remain on alert! Anything could happen at any time, in any place. Be prepared… just sayin…